Electronic Complaints Book encounters problems

Online Livro de Reclamações has technical problems

Electronic Complaints Book encounters problems 1The Regional Authority for Economic Activities (ARAE) has admitted that many of the issues raised on the Electronic Complaints Book will not be solved for technical reasons before 1 July this year – a target date reported here in February.
At the moment any supplier of goods or services is obliged to have a physical complaints book on display in their establishment, in a prominent place, and the information it contains publicly available for inspection (although a notice can refer to another address where the book is located).

According to the Office of the Vice-President of the Region, the need to ensure the registration of all “economic operators” in accordance with their respective Economic Activity Code (EAC) has not been completed by the target date for the transitional period. There are economic operators with several EACs, and others with more complicated classifications. The registration of the relevant supervisory bodies has also not been completed – every business has a designated Competent Authority which oversees and regulates their practice.

Due to the problems it has been deemed that businesses cannot be penalized for not complying with the regulations according to the Vice Presidents’s Office. ARAE, as a supervisory body in Region, have admitted they will take into account these technological constraints, which prevent the EOs from completing their registration on time and justifying the extension of the transitional period, at least until the end of the current year.

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