Dia da Madeira holiday tomorrow

Holiday marks granting of autonomous status

Dia da Madeira holiday tomorrow 1Madeira Day is celebrated in tomorrow, 1st July. The public holiday marks the date when Portugal granted autonomy to the Madeira archipelago. Although it is only officially celebrated in Madeira, Portuguese citizens and Portuguese immigrants throughout the world celebrate the holiday – notably the large Madeiran population in South London.

On 1 July 1976, following the democratic revolution of 1974, Portugal granted political autonomy to Madeira. The region ever since has had its own government and legislative assembly.
12 September 1978 saw the creation of the Madeira flag. The blue part symbolizes the sea surrounding the island and the yellow represents the abundance of life on the island. The red cross of the Order of Christ, with a white cross on it, is identical to the one on the flag of Prince Henry’s ships that discovered the island.

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