Dead fish at Doca do Cavacas

Popular pools inundated with dead fish

Dead fish at Doca do Cavacas 1The Journal reports that bathers were surprised this morning when a lot of dead fish appeared in the pools of Doca do Cavacas.

“Everything dead, from the largest to the smallest,” one bather wrote, describing a video (below) he posted on social networks to illustrate the situation on the spot.

The publication already adds dozens of comments and shares, with people expressing concern about the number of dead fish in this bathing complex that is regularly frequented by many bathers.

Doca do Cavacas are the popular pools situated between the Lido and Praia Formosa. This spa has  natural volcanic pools with direct access to the sea under surveillance from lifeguards, with the well-known restaurant above and a small bar at the lower level as part of the complex.

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