Circus competes with Mexican fireworks

Busy third Saturday of Atlantic Festival

Circus competes with Mexican fireworks 1

FN, with some great photos, reported that a circus show provided competion for the Mexican entry  in the Atlantic Festival fireworks competition (below). They report a good turnout  in what is increasingly referred to as “downtown” Funchal last night.

The show “Ocean Dreams – Paradise Circus” apparently proved a great success – double fun for locals and visitors, since it was exhibited the same night Mexico was the main protagonist of the pyrotechnic proposal, which once again lit up the skies of Funchal. The “circus” was held at Praça do Povo, where it can be seen again next Saturday according to the full schedule of theAtlantic Festicva which can be found here.

The photographer’s lens of Rui Marote from FN was there and captured more this lively night. Lots more on their website.

The final Pyro musical show next Saturday will be by the Macedos Pirotecnia Company representing Portugal, with the theme: “Glorious”.

In these shows, the fireworks companies compete for a trophy awarded by public vote, through the Internet and boxes located in strategic places in Funchal city centre (City Pier – day of the show, La Vie, and Marina Shopping centres, Av. Arriaga main Tourism Office).

Circus competes with Mexican fireworks 3


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