Call for jail for pet-killers

Social democrats want jail for pet-killers

Call for jail for pet-killers 1Thanks to Peter for a link to the Portugal News, which reports that Portugal’s PSD social democratic party has proposed an amendment to the current law regulating punishment for animal cruelty, calling for up to three years in prison for anyone who kills a pet, such as a dog or cat. Should it be approved, the death of pets will be expressly included in criminal law.

The amendment was part of a “set of proposals to improve the legal regime of the crime of mistreatment and abandonment of pets”, the party said in a press release issued over last weekend. The Liberal-Conservative PSD’s proposal, put forward last Friday, aims to criminalise “the conduct of anyone who kills, without legitimate reason, a pet”, as well as punishing attempted killings. It also intends to “dispel any interpretative questions that have arisen in law enforcement”.

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