Ribeira Brava flower parade

Ribeira Brava flower parade this Sunday

Ribeira Brava flower paradeThe Diario reports that Ribeira Brava is also taking part in the 2019 Flower Festival, which has been colouring the entire region. On Sunday, from 11.00am onward, a ‘Flower Parade’ will be held in the municipality, which will have around two hundred participants from various entities in the county and will have as a guest the Fitness Team troupe, one of the last troupes featuring in the main Flower Festival Allegorical Parade in Funchal last weekend.

The route begins in front of Largo das Herédias and makes its way to the sea front of the village. The extras will show costumes made from recycled materials allusive to flowers, which will join the floral arrangements installed in downtown Ribeira Brava.

“This is another point of attraction, in this tradition of the Flower Festival, which attracts numerous visitors, promoting commerce and the local economy,” the city council said in a statement. Their Facebook page is here.

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