Post Office unable to refund mobility allowance

Air travel subsidy not being processed

Mobility Allowance - sin at Port OfficeThe Diario reports that CTT offices are currently unable to refund the mobility allowance for air travel to Madeira. The mobility allowance is the refund for local residents, who can claim the difference between the cost of a ticket to the mainland and an agreed lower subsidised price (currently €86). There are no reports of there being similar problem in the Azores or on the mainland – but the situation will hopefully be restored to normality as soon as possible.

According to Diario, who spoke to the office of the Vice-President of the Regional Government, the problem, which was discovered yesterday morning by clients wishing to receive the payment, there is still no solution from the company that was mandated by the Government of the Republic to proceed with the reimbursement of Madeira travel, which is believed to be due to computer problems. Apparently there is no other reason why reimbursements are not being paid.

There are reports that the entire complicated mobility allowance reclaim procedure will be replaced by a system where residents pay a standard price at the outset.

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