New private hospital opens at month end

Appointments can be booked at new hospital now

Private hospital to open on 30th MayBoth local papers reports that the Madeira Private Hospital will open its doors to the public on May 30 at 8.00 am. Permanent Care (24 hours availability, 365 days per year) will be available, together with the Ambulatory Service for Outpatient and Special Examinations, Internment, including the Intensive and Intermediate Care Unit, the Operative Block, the Imaging Centre, Oncology and the Laboratories of Hemodynamics and Clinical Analysis.

The Child Unit will also be available on the same day, offering Permanent Pediatric Care and the External Consultations, as well as the 24-hour ambulance service. The teams are well formed and highly motivated, reports the HPM Administration: “We can say that we have an excellent body of professionals, very dynamic and above all very motivated”.

HPM has been in intensive training for 3 months in relation to protocols and standards established by the HPA Health Group, namely those related to patient safety in accordance with the standards of Joint Commission International, one of the most reputed clinical accreditation institutions in the world . Of all the installed capacity programmed for HPM, only two services remain to be opened: the Maternity Unit and the Neonatal Recovery Unit, which will soon be available. Appointments and examinations can be booked at the new hospital now

The public presentation on May 17, in the presence of hundreds of guests and entities from the Region, was reported here.


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