Marine litter in the Azores!

More than 10 tonnes removed every year

Porto Pim beach, where marine plastic accumulatesThe Portugal News reports that 10 to 12 tonnes of marine litter – especially plastic – are removed from the coastal areas of the Azores islands every year. The frightening figures were released by Gui Menezes, Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology for the Azores as part of a campaign called “zero waste” that will be taking place in the archipelago to raise awareness regarding plastic pollution. “Statistics show that every year, around 10 to 12 tonnes of litter is cleaned up on the coastal areas of the Azores,” Menezes said, adding that civil society was increasingly aware of the problem and had implemented campaigns to clean the coastal areas affected.
Menezes was speaking to journalists in the beach of Porto Pim, (photo) the most visited beach on the island of Faial. Porto Pim is one of the beaches of the region that most accumulates litter due to its location, which is more exposed to marine currents. “It is a more confined bay and unfortunately a lot of plastic of smaller scale is accumulated here,” he said, adding that for this reason, the beach was one of the most monitored in the region. He also pointed out that the Socialist regional government had launched a series of initiatives to reduce disposable plastic and to produce less plastic in the future.

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  1. Madeira could show example putting sighs on their beeches remind people to take their rubbish home. Lot of rubbish also come down the hills from the heave rains


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