Lisbon AL suspension extended

New local lodging (AL) registrations halted in more areas

Lisbon AL suspension extended 1The Lisbon municipal authorities have halted new AL registrations halted in the areas of Alfama, Bairro Alto, Castelo, Madrago and Mouraria since last November. However, a new proposal also now includes the areas of Graça and Colina de Santana according a report from Lusa news agency.

Manuel Salgado (PS), author of the proposal, stressed that “since the chamber decided to freeze new records in certain areas”, the number of AL Properties “reduced by 220”, contrary to the idea that there has been a rush for new registrations between the announcement of the measure and its entry into force, as some predicted. “At this moment we have registered 19,754 units of local accommodation in the city of Lisbon”.

MEP Miguel Graça pointed out that this extension of the suspension of new registrations of local accommodation establishments in the five neighbourhoods, as well as the inclusion of two other zones, “makes perfect sense”.

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  1. Thankfully Madeira is not following this line at the moment. With more hotels going up I could see the hotel groups putting pressure on the local government to clamp down on AL properties as there are only so many holiday makers to go round.


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