Elections. Tourist dies.

Election posters remain in place

Elections. Tourist dies. 1The Diario reports that with elections taking place today, election posters remain in place despite regulations outlawing them close to polling stations.

According to the National Election Commission, “it is forbidden to take actions or carry out electoral propaganda activities by any means on the day before and on the day of the election until the closing of the polls.” However, it notes that the law “does not determine the elimination of advertising materials that have been legitimately placed or distributed in advance”. In practice, it admits that advertising posters may remain affixed, as long as they are removed from the proximity of polling stations, within the perimeter established by law – up to a distance of 500 meters – specifically advertising that is visible from the polling station.

The newspaper notes that it remains to be seen if much of the advertisement left posted complies with these requirements.

Tourist suffers heart attack at hotel pool

Madeira Volunteer Firefighters and EMIR tried to save the life of a tourist in a hotel located in Lido area of Funchal, around 5 pm yesterday. The victim was struck by sudden illness when getting out of the hotel’s swimming pool. He is described as a foreign national in his 70’s – there are photos of the efforts to revive him, but not sure that it is quite appropriate to replicate them here.


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  1. Editor your decision not to show photos of a distressed person who has passed on speaks volume of you and your compassion. Rare in the media.


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