Fungus kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes

Study shows rapid collapse of mosquito population

The BBC is this morning reporting that a fungus – genetically enhanced to produce spider toxin – can rapidly kill huge numbers of the mosquitoes that spread malaria, a study suggests. Trials, which took place in Burkina ............ more

Speeding out of control

Only mobile radar unit not working newsfeed picks up the Diario report entitled “Speed ​​in Madeira is out of control”. This is simply because the only mobile radar that the Public Security Police (PSP) has available in the ............ more

Sunny day and clear skies

Picture of sunny days and clear skies

Clear skies forecast for the whole island

The Diario website leads with the forecast that this Thursday will see clear skies throughout the Madeira Archipelago. The forecasts of the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) also point to a weak to moderate northerly wind (10 to 30 km/h), becoming moderate to strong ............ more

Emergency drill at airport tonight

Warning of extraordinary movement of emergency vehicles

The Diario reports that Madeira Airport will stage an emergency drill this evening at 22:30. This will take place in the public area of ​​Departures on the first floor of the airport and will be co-ordinated by the Public Security Police, which will lead the operation. ............ more

Tree falls in Monte

No injuries or damage this time

Tree fall: Both local newspaper websites report that a tree fell in Monte yesterday evening.

The tree fell in the vicinity of  Largo da Fonte in Monte (photo) and according to ............ more

League table of UK airport delays

Investigation reveals UK’s best and worst

The BBC among others reports that the best and worst UK airports for flight delays last year have been revealed by an investigation.
Press Association analysis of Civil Aviation Authority has shown that London Stansted was the worst UK airport for flight delays ............ more

New private hospital opens at month end

Private hospital to open on 30th May

Appointments can be booked at new hospital now

Both local papers reports that the Madeira Private Hospital will open its doors to the public on May 30 at 8.00 am. Permanent Care (24 hours availability, 365 days per year) will be available, together with the Ambulatory Service for Outpatient and Special Examinations, ............ more

Airport problems again

Yesterday’s problems continue

Yesterdays problems with high winds at the airport seen to be continuing this morning. A TAP flight landed just after 16.00 yesterday afternoon, but was followed by ten incoming cancellations.

A few of the later TAP flights managed to land last night, but so far this ............ more

Elections. Tourist dies.

Election posters remain in place

The Diario reports that with elections taking place today, election posters remain in place despite regulations outlawing them close to polling stations.

According to the National Election Commission, “it is forbidden to take actions or carry out electoral ............ more

Music festival at Barreirinha, Old Town

“Aleste” fesitival at Barreirinha Lido

The popular “Aleste” alternative music festival held at the old Barreirinha bathing complex at the back of the Old Town in Funchal started on Friday, with its headline acts today. This has returned there after moving to Praia Formosa last year due to work ............ more

More than 19,000 public employees…

…on average pay of €1638 per month

The Diario today leads with the story that the Regional Public Administration in Madeira was the one that grew the least in the country up to the end of March. At the end of the first quarter were 19,300 employees assigned to the Regional Public Administration. If ............ more

Unauthorised seating policed

External seating areas reduced

City Hall tightens controls

FN have a report that the “esplanades” of Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas have already started to reduce the space occupied by external seating belonging principally to cafes. This is the result of a survey that the Municipality of Funchal is conducting, covering ............ more

Beach water quality deemed good

Summer will see 98% “good” or “excellent”

Of the 52 officially listed bathing waters this year identified in the Region, 98% are of excellent or good quality. The announcement was made by the regional director of Spatial Planning and Environment at an official forum on the new bathing season taking ............ more

Flower circuit a success

Flower displays define region

Flower circuit: The Journal reports that the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture, Paula Cabaço, yesterday morning visited the “flower installations” on the seafront in Funchal. These are considered to have been one of the great ............ more

Madeira prepared for more fires

President happy with firefighters readiness

As the fire risk increases as the height of summer approaches, the Regional President, according to the Journal, guarantees that the islands firefighters have never been more prepared.

Miguel Albuquerque is convinced that “Madeira is prepared”, for the ............ more

Pound continues to fall

Record 13-day fall against euro

Bloomberg reported yesterday that the pound fell for a record 13th day against the euro as Prime Minister Theresa May came under renewed pressure to step down after her new Brexit ............ more

Marine litter in the Azores!

Porto Pim beach, where marine plastic accumulates

More than 10 tonnes removed every year

The Portugal News reports that 10 to 12 tonnes of marine litter – especially plastic – are removed from the coastal areas of the Azores islands every year. The frightening figures were released by Gui ............ more

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