Fungus kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes

Study shows rapid collapse of mosquito population

The BBC is this morning reporting that a fungus – genetically enhanced to produce spider toxin – can rapidly kill huge numbers of the mosquitoes that spread malaria, a study suggests. Trials, which took place in Burkina ............ more

Speeding out of control

Only mobile radar unit not working newsfeed picks up the Diario report entitled “Speed ​​in Madeira is out of control”. This is simply because the only mobile radar that the Public Security Police (PSP) has available in the ............ more

Sunny day and clear skies

Picture of sunny days and clear skies

Clear skies forecast for the whole island

The Diario website leads with the forecast that this Thursday will see clear skies throughout the Madeira Archipelago. The forecasts of the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) also point to a weak to moderate northerly wind (10 to 30 km/h), becoming moderate to strong ............ more

Emergency drill at airport tonight

Warning of extraordinary movement of emergency vehicles

The Diario reports that Madeira Airport will stage an emergency drill this evening at 22:30. This will take place in the public area of ​​Departures on the first floor of the airport and will be co-ordinated by the Public Security Police, which will lead the operation. ............ more

Tree falls in Monte

No injuries or damage this time

Tree fall: Both local newspaper websites report that a tree fell in Monte yesterday evening.

The tree fell in the vicinity of  Largo da Fonte in Monte (photo) and according to ............ more

League table of UK airport delays

Investigation reveals UK’s best and worst

The BBC among others reports that the best and worst UK airports for flight delays last year have been revealed by an investigation.
Press Association analysis of Civil Aviation Authority has shown that London Stansted was the worst UK airport for flight delays ............ more

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