Residents to pay standard €86 fare

Trips to mainland fixed by summer

Residents to pay standard €86 fare 1The Journal reports that by the summer, residents of Madeira should pay a standard fare of only €86 for trips to the mainland, with the remainder being paid by a fund created by the Regional Government, just as it has done for students.
The news was released today by RTP Madeira, based on statements by Miguel Albuquerque, president of the Regional Government, who spoke on the sidelines of the Lemon Festival held this weekend.
The only concern expressed by Albuquerque is that the Government of the Republic may not allow the fulfilment of this regional objective and is also concerned about any behaviour of CTT (the Post Office) that could interfere with the initiative.
The governor assured the TV Station that the Central Government has already been informed of this plan for the trips of the residents of Madeira, ensured that the regional executive will do everything possible for residents to pay only €86 at the time of purchase of the trip, similar to what already happens with university students, who pay only €65, under the ‘Estudante InsuLar’ program.
“The idea is to move quickly to see if before the summer we can put together a system similar to the one we set up for the students, in the sense that Madeira and Portosantians only pay € 86 through a fund,” Miguel Albuquerque explained, admitting, however, that fears for not being authorised by the Government of the Republic. At the moment residents have to pay the going rate for a plane ticket and then reclaim the difference afterwards – which results in a lot of paperwork and queuing at the Post Office.
“We need the collaboration of the Post Office to do so and an authorisation from the Government of the Republic. So let’s get on with the system. We are going to try before the summer to implement the program, and the only thing that can prevent is the authorisation of the Government of the Republic or the influence that the Government of the Republic can have on CTT “

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