New easyJet flights. Ryanair

Winter flights available from today

easyjet website showing new schedules releasedWinter schedule: easyJet have this morning released a new batch of flights, including Madeira, for next winter 2019/20.
These cover travel up to the 28th March 2020. Flights from Manchester in November for as little as £25.00, Gatwick a fraction more expensive.

Ryanair: I wonder if easyJet are going to get some competition – I am still hearing rumours that Ryanair are looking at Madeira. The rumours are becoming stronger and more credible.

Apologies also this morning – the website has been down briefly on a few occasions due to heavy traffic overloading the server.

5 thoughts on “New easyJet flights. Ryanair”

  1. The only time we flew easyJet was to Madeira ion boxing day a few years ago. Never again!! We sat by the door, our feet were freezing, but blankets were refused. They clearly didn’t check the weather, (we had done, so knew there was virtually no chance of landing!) had not enough fuel to circle, so took us to Gran Canaria, where we sat for 90mns, while they refuelled and decided what to do. Tiny cup of water each and tiny bag of crisps. All other requests for food refused. (It was then 11.00pm and had not eaten since lunchtime having left Bristol at 15.40.). They chose to try Madeira once more and if unsuccessful take us to Portugal!! They did land, but at 00.30 after which, of course, everyone was lovely., as people are in Madeira. The car hire had stayed open, bless them, but our apartment key holder had given up, so at 01.30 we tiptoed in to a hotel in Santa Cruz, (fortunately we know Madeira well) where they found us a room, with a lovely breakfast at a very reasonable price.

    Thus easyJet managed actually to be worse than Ryanair, with whom we have been forced to fly many times (only route to Dinard, Brittany!). Not that we’d ever fly with Ryanair again, either, given the choice!!

    I’m pleased for Madeira, as it is a sign of good visitor numbers, but shame it’s not someone better!!

    • We have flown to Madeira with easyJet several times from Bristol and have always been satisfied.
      On the one occasion, two years ago, when the incoming flight didn’t arrive to take us back, easyJet were absolutely excellent. Coach to good Santa Cruz hotel for overnight with all meals included. Voucher at airport the following day for food and drink. Back home a day late.
      Couldn’t fault how we are looked after.
      Posting this comment to balance the ones that seem to need to rubbish airlines.

      • Here here Alan! We frequently fly between Gatwick and Madeira with easyJet and find them excellent! Always look after my disabled mother really well, flights generally punctual and reasonably priced. No complaints at all! If you’re feeling cold on the plane put a jacket over your legs!!

  2. I wouldn’t go out of my way to travel with Ryanair, but if they did connect here they might have the effect of bringing prices down. This would be good for everybody – even residents with a travel subsidy, as it would cost the government less.


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