Claims bus crash driver working for 13 hours

Driver had started work at 5.30 on morning of crash

Bus crash in CanicoFN and the Diario report that the driver of the tourist bus that crashed in Caniço, resulting in the accident that left 29 dead and 27 injured, would have been working for 13 consecutive hours, says the coordinator of the National Drivers’ Union, Manuel Oliveira, in declarations to SIC, the TV station. He claims that the driver started work at 05.30 that morning, and the accident occurred at 18.30 p.m.
“If this information is validated, obviously this worker would have a workload beyond what is legally allowed, which is 8 hours,” clarifies Manuel Oliveira, who also denounces that “workers feel intimidated to denounce these situations. The law does exist, but human and physical means are lacking for enforcement to act in time”.
According to SIC, “the Union has documents and will have already filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the entity responsible for the investigation of the accident, in order to determine the reasons that led to the fall shortly after leaving the Quinta Splendida Hotel.
The bus belongs to the Madeira Automobile Society and was chartered to Travel One as previously reported here.
These statements of the union official appear in a context where there is much speculation as to what caused the bus to leave the road, especially since, according to several testimonies, it was in the hands of a very experienced and responsible driver.


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  1. As long as the driver took the required breaks in accordance with EU regulations his starting time is irrelevant. I know lorries are fitted with tachographs that record the driver’s hours, but unsure if this applies to coaches, but unlikely a private hire coach will be used continually all day.


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