Bus crash driver receiving private care

Madeira Medical Centre cares for driver

Madeira Medical Centre where bus crash driver is receiving careThe driver involved in the tragic accident in Caniço on 17 July, was receiving hospital care again yesterday at a private clinic run by Grupo Luz in Madeira, just a few hours after the Regional Health Service had discharged him.
The driver and his relatives, accompanied by clinical psychologist Nivalda Fernandes, considered that the conditions for returning home were not yet met. They therefore activated the professional insurance that sent him directly from the hospital to the Madeira Medical Centre, which after evaluation will have indicated the hospitalisation.
Using the insurance, the accident victim will continue to receive psychological and medical help in the private sector, although the health authority underlined, in a press release at the time of his discharge that it had already recommended consultations for orthopedics, psychology and psychiatry.
Only the bus guide remains in the hospital, and she is reported to be recovering well.

The Madeira Medical Centre is one of 19 hospitals, clinics and senior residences that constitute the Hospital da Luz network operated by Grupo Luz Saúde. Their most recent acquisition was Clínica de Santa Catarina, which has bee re-branded under their name.

5 thoughts on “Bus crash driver receiving private care”

  1. And so they should. They have a Duty of Care to their staff and that driver is in a precarious situation and needs al the help and care needed.

  2. And so they should. There is a DUTY of CARE to their staff and therefore it should be followed. That driver is going through an unimaginable mental and psychological situation. He needs everyone’s support & empathy.

  3. Hope some one also ask how is their partner they be going though it as well. I agree with what the driver be going though must be hell. Support is needed by all including workers,

  4. This poor man must be going through hell. There will be survivors guilt etc., which can be very debilitating.
    Hope the cause is found sooner rather than later then at least he can work towards some sort of acceptance of the facts and eventually closure, if at all possible, although I think this will haunt him all the rest of his days, sadly.

    He must be in a very bad way, hope he gets all the medical help and support he needs for as long as he needs it.

    His family will also be suffering seeing him in such a state.


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