EU holidays down amid Brexit uncertainty

Tunisia recovers – at Madeira’s expense?

Tunisian beachThe BBC reports this morning that fewer British holidaymakers have booked a summer holiday inside the European Union this year amid continuing Brexit uncertainty … Read more

TAP delays last flight from Lisbon

Passengers “appalled” at late notice

TAP delays last flight of the dayUnexplained delay: The Journal reports that last night’s flight TAP 1697, scheduled for the usual 20:40 departure from Lisbon to Madeira, was postponed to 22:40. … Read more

Series of accidents around the island

Suspicious death and two rescues

The press this morning makes depressing reading.

Santa Catarina ParkThe most gruesome accident reported overnight is the death of a 46-year-old Ukrainian man who fell from a … Read more

Savoy Palace video

Savoy Palace video 23The new owners of the Savoy brand have launched a promotional video as the opening of the Savoy Palace approaches .

“The Savoy signature enhances the beauty and delicacy of … Read more

New European ID card

New ID card approved by EU

What the new EU ID Card might look likeThe Portugal News reports that a new type of European ID card has been approved by European parliament. The new model aims to increase … Read more

Madeira in statistics

Analysis alongside 26 other Iberian regions

Madeira in statistics 27The Diario reports on a study which analyses several development indicators in various areas of the two Iberian countries (Portugal and Spain), and which Read more

Easter very late this year

Why – blame it on the Moon.

when is easterAbsolutely nothing to do with Madeira this, apart from Easter traditionally kicking off the holiday season, but I was googling why Easter was … Read more

Bus crash guide thanks all

Guide uses Facebook to thank all for their support

Bus crash guide thanks all 34Carlota Mendes Gomes, the guide that was on the bus that crashed in Caniço, killing 29 Germans, has already showed signs … Read more

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