Porto Santo Ferry mystery

Tickets disappear from sale

The Diario reports online that those intending to go to Porto Santo by boat on 13 May will have to find an alternative, since the Porto Santo Line website does not offer any tickets to the golden island from that date.
When making an inquiry ............  ...read more

EU holidays down amid Brexit uncertainty

Tunisian beach

Tunisia recovers – at Madeira’s expense?

The BBC reports this morning that fewer British holidaymakers have booked a summer holiday inside the European Union this year amid continuing Brexit uncertainty according to Thomas Cook.
The travel firm says almost half (48%) ............  ...read more

TAP delays last flight from Lisbon

TAP delays last flight of the day

Passengers “appalled” at late notice

Unexplained delay: The Journal reports that last night’s flight TAP 1697, scheduled for the usual 20:40 departure from Lisbon to Madeira, was postponed to 22:40. The newspaper reports that there were passengers who were “appalled” ............  ...read more

Jacaranda. Apps added to blog

Jacaranda in bloom

It’s that special time of year again on the island, when the Jacaranda begin to bloom, particularly in Funchal. Photo below is from this time last year.

“Useful links” enhanced with apps

During this year the blog’s comprehensive  “Useful ............  ...read more

Series of accidents around the island

Santa Catarina Park

Suspicious death and two rescues

The press this morning makes depressing reading.

The most gruesome accident reported overnight is the death of a 46-year-old Ukrainian man who fell from a height of more than four metres in Santa Catarina Park and died shortly thereafter. The victim was confined by ............  ...read more

Motorcyclists to pay respects to bus crash victims

Motorcyclists will leave wreaths in Praça da Autonomia on Sunday

The Diario reports that tomorrow (Sunday 28th) will see, as part of the commemorations of the day of the Associação de Motociclismo da Madeira, motorcyclists paying their respects to the victims  of tragic bus crash on the island.
 ............  ...read more

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