Porto Santo: “A Paradise in the Atlantic”

A contribution to literature and culture of Porto Santo

Porto Santo: "A Paradise in the Atlantic" 1The Diario reports that  Professor João Lemos Batista today added his contribution to the literature and culture of Porto Santo through the presentation and launch of his work ‘Porto Santo – A Paradise in the Atlantic – products and Tourist Resources’, in the auditorium of the Chamber Municipal of Porto Santo.
Lemos Batista told Diario that the book is related to “the characteristics that the island has and that presents, in particular of a natural order, but also with its own heritage”.
“Although Porto Santo is only 42 square kilometres but sdespite being a small island has a huge heritage wealth. Fortunately, most of these elements are going to end up defining tourism products and resources, with most of them being in good condition”, said the author of the publication.
João Lemos Batista also said that this means that on the islands of the various islands of the Atlantic it is rare to find an island as vast and in a state of conservation as Porto Santo. ”
According to the author “we do not find any other island in the Atlantic like this, that’s why it’s paradise in the Atlantic”.

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