MEPs scrap twice-yearly clock change.

Proposed end to spring and autumn custom by 2021 could affect Britain even if it leaves EU

MEPs scrap twice-yearly clock change. 1The Guardian reported yesterday that a committee of MEPs has voted by 23 votes to 11 to scrap the custom of changing the clocks in spring and autumn by 2021, as momentum builds behind a draft law that could raise tensions with Britain after Brexit.
If the plans become law, they would apply to the UK if it was still in the EU or in a transition period at the point the law was passed.

The European parliament’s transport committee voted on Monday to abandon the twice-yearly clock change, although member states would be able to choose whether to remain on “permanent summer” or “permanent winter” time, under the proposals.
The plans, which followed a huge consultation of 4 million people, still have to be agreed with EU member states and the full European parliament if they are to become law. 84% were in favour of scrapping clock changes, but there were significant national differences.

If the UK leaves the EU with a deal, a transition period will apply until the end of 2020, where the British government will be obliged to follow all EU laws. This transition period can be extended once for a maximum of two years. If the UK decided to ignore Brussels and continue implementing British summer time, the EU could take it to the European Court of Justice.

If the UK leaves the EU, the government will be free to maintain British summer time, meaning Northern Ireland would have to choose whether to have a one-hour time difference with Ireland or the rest of the UK for half the year.

2 thoughts on “MEPs scrap twice-yearly clock change.”

  1. Another reason why the UK must get out. Each country should be free to choose whether they change time twice per year or not. The clock changes suit us in the UK and if the eu forces us to drop it we can reinstate it once we are out.

  2. I often wonder how these unelected Eurocrats while away their time when not issuing directives as to what constitutes a sausage etc. They have obviously spent a lot of time on this and low and behold they think it would be better not to have to change the clocks twice a year. So kind of them to allow each EU State to decide themselves whether they want permanent summer or winter time. Surely this will be self defeating as should France decide to stay on permanent winter time and Germany summer time, then they would be permanently out of sync and this will just add to confusion. I am sure that these eurocrats are highly qualified ( and paid) civil servants who have first class degrees, if not Phd’s so they must know what they are doing….. Such a pity the UK will be leaving this all behind very soon.


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