‘Madeira and Porto Santo: Together for Mozambique’

Campaign starts to aid cyclone-ravaged country

'Madeira and Porto Santo: Together for Mozambique' 1The Diario, among other media outlets, reports that the campaign ‘Madeira and Porto Santo: Juntos por Moçambique’ was launched by the Secretary for Inclusion and Social Affairs, was launched yesterday, 29 March, following the meeting of the Governing Council on Thursday.
The campaign, which runs until April 7, aims to support the Mozambican population affected by Cyclone Idai, which has caused hundreds of deaths, many injured and thousands homeless.

Mozambique is a member of the  Community of Portuguese Language Countries, gaining independence from Portugal in 1975 after the Mozambican War of Independence.

The operation in the Region is shared by three entities: the Food Bank Against Hunger in Madeira, which is in charge of receiving food and hygiene products, the Caritas Diocesana of Funchal, which will receive clothing, and the Madeiran Delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross, responsible for the coordination of volunteers.

The collection will be carried out:

  • in Centromar (formerly Continente hypermarket) from 9 am to 9 pm;
  • at the Pharmacy Funchal (Centro Comercial La Vie), from 9 am to midnight;
  • at the Madeira Pharmacy (Centro Comercial Madeira Shopping), from 9 am to 10 pm;
  • in the Casas do Povo (house of the people) of Calheta, Ponta Delgada (São Vicente), Porto Moniz, Santa Cruz and São Roque do Faial (Santana);
  • in the Lar de Nossa Senhora da Piedade (House of Our Lady of Mercy), in Porto Santo.

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