Revoke Article 50 petition passes 6,000,000

What a mess!

The “Revoke Article 50 and remain the EU”  petition has passed 6,000,000, and will be debated by Parliament as the website promises, but not the full house, who rejected the option last week, but instead a committee of MPs.

Meanwhile The Express has a ............ more

Mainland property prices rocket.

Buyer-seller expectation gap increases to 22%

The Portugal News reports that the average price of property in the country rocketed by 15.4% in 2018. But while real estate continues to result in relatively decent profits for sellers, new data also indicates that owner’s expectations of their ............ more

Motocyclist reaches 210 km/h on Rapida

Motorcyclist filmed himself doing 210 km/h

The Journal reports on a video being shared on Twitter this week by a motorcyclist doing 210 km/h leaving Funchal, heading towards the airport on the Rapida. The case is reportedly being investigated by the authorities.

The story was reported in Correio da Manhã, along with the video filmed ............ more

UK’s richest person in Funchal?

Hampshire II

Hampshire II super-yacht in town

Thanks to Jaime for letting me know that the Hampshire II super-yacht is currently parked off Barreirinha at the end of the Old Town

It belongs to Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe (born 18 October 1952), the British billionaire chemical engineer turned financier and industrialist. ............ more

‘Madeira and Porto Santo: Together for Mozambique’

Campaign starts to aid cyclone-ravaged country

The Diario, among other media outlets, reports that the campaign ‘Madeira and Porto Santo: Juntos por Moçambique’ was launched by the Secretary for Inclusion and Social Affairs, was launched yesterday, 29 March, following the meeting of the Governing ............ more

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