Tenerife air disaster – 42 years on

42nd anniversary of crash that killed 570+

Tenerife airport accident 42 years ago saw 570+ deadThe Diario recalls that March 27th marked forty-two years since the fateful ‘Tenerife air disaster’ occurred, an accident involving two Boeing 747s – … Read more

EU internet copyright tightened.

Content creators want paying

Internet copyright garphicRepercussions for blogs: CNN report that a pitched battle over copyright law in Europe came to a head on Tuesday this week (26th March) when the

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Bad weather affects Funchal port

Cruise ships forced to change plans

AidaNova cruise ship in Funchal portThe Journal reports that the bad weather that has affected Madeira is preventing the normal operation of the activities in the port of Funchal. … Read more

Savoy Palace latest.

More changes to Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia

Royal Savoy and Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia

No news this morning – the most exciting thing being the latest changes to the road system around the new Savoy the transition … Read more

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