School climate strikes arrive in Madeira

School climate strikes arrive in Madeira 1Next month will see the school climate strikes arrive on the island. The Diario reports ‘Global Strike for the School for the Climate’ is being promoted in the Region for the next 15 March, from 10:30 am, outside the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.
“The aim is insurgency action against political apathy in relation to climate change and the successive failure to meet the targets set out in the Paris Agreement by all acceding countries, as well as the flagrant indifference of our policy makers to the conclusions of the UN IPCC report , because it should have already been declared a ‘state of ecological emergency’ and nothing was done”, said a statement signed by Carolina Silva, the promoter of the event in the Region.
“As advocate Greta Thunberg rightly puts it,” Why should I be studying for the future that soon may no longer exist, when no one is doing anything to save that future? What is the logic of learning the facts when the most important facts clearly mean nothing to our society? “, says the same note.
Greta Thunberg is the 16-year-old who’s lone protest last summer has morphed into a powerful global movement challenging politicians to act. Her remarkable story can be found in the Guadian.
There is already a Facebook page addressed to the Madeira event, whose invitation extends not only to students, but also to teachers and parents.

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  1. Yet another Soros backed movement methinks …..

    There is really nothing to worry about in regards to climate change, the climate will change no matter what we do and the Earth will continue on regardless of whether we are here or not

    For we are a mere blink of an eye on the Earth’s skin….

    Good weekend to all


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