Cristiano Ronaldo. Cafe Concerto rip-off.

Ronaldo on top again

Cristiano Ronaldo. Cafe Concerto rip-off. 1Cristiano Ronaldo’s two goals for Juventus in the 3-3 draw against Parma, took his tally for the season to seventeen as the Madeiran became Italy’s Serie A leading goal scorer. Ronaldo’s side are now the only unbeaten team in Europe’s top five leagues, having won nineteen of their twenty-two league games, while drawing the other three.

The Mirror reports that the Juventus star’s mum Dolores Aveiro, 64, is “fighting for her life” after a new cancer drama. She had a lump removed in 2007 but has now admitted she is undergoing radiotherapy to beat the disease. The mum-of-four is reported to have travelled to Italy yesterday to celebrate her footballer son’s 34th birthday after backing him in his fight against rape claims.

New Cafe Concerto two-tier pricing

Cristiano Ronaldo. Cafe Concerto rip-off. 3Just noted a comment added to a previous post about the cafe that was formerly the excellent “Cafe Concerto” in the Municipal Gardens in the middle of Funchal.

I visited the cafe today and as expected was ripped off.. 2 coffees cost 5.50 euros. I challenged them and asked what the locals pay. They looked a bit flustered and eventually admitted that the locals pay 1.30 for a coffee, but of course they are standing at the counter to drink it. This was absolute rubbish… Not one single local was standing at the counter. They have two settings on their cash register one for tourists and one for locals.. To keep it legal they pretend that the locals are standing up at the counter drinking their coffee, etc. I should have written about this experience in the complaints book.. we really need to stand up to these corrupt establishments.

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  1. There always were twp rpices: one for those ordering through a waiter, and a lower price when purchased at the counter. Quite normal – not a ripoff!

  2. I wasn’t aware of differential pricing before Cafe Concerto closed? – the price for a beer was the same at the counter as it was brought to your table.
    Just 50 metres away at the “old” Golden Gate a bica was cheaper at the bar than ordered outside, but that was made clear before you ordered.

  3. 2.60 for a Bica is indeed a piss take 🙂

    Your looking at an average of 60 cents in Portugal for a decent Delta and of course you should ask the staff to pull you another Bica if the first is not to your satisfaction. Cafe staff expect variation in customer requirements when it comes to strength which is why you as a customer, should state your preference when initially requesting your Bica

    The Portuguese take their coffee seriously, and so should you… 1.20 would be a reasonable limit for tourist spots in order to cover higher rents and staff requirements.

    Keep drinking the black gold…

  4. We enjoyed the new Cafe Concerto this Christmas/New Year. The custard tarts were among the best in Funchal, we thought, lovely and fresh, good size, when we were there on weekday mornings. The coffees and teas were also good. Very reasonable prices and value for table service and very friendly, efficient staff, in good, bright, clean surroundings. Heaps better there now than the former dark, gloomy, not-too-good-atmosphere establishment. Long may it last!

  5. The point that was being made was that the clientele were mostly Madeiran and they were all sitting down enjoying their coffee, etc. I spoke to couple next to me and they said quite clearly that they always sit down and only pay the local rate and that it is well known that the higher prices are just for tourists.. I have no issue with paying for 3, 4 or 5 star premises prices as long as everyone else is paying the same. I wonder why in mainland Europe and the Islands of course, that this practice is acceptable……. In the UK, restaurant prices and cafe prices are the same regardless of the customers nationality… It has nothing whatsoever to do with the price of the coffee, it is the principal that I object to.. I feel so sorry for the little family run cafes in the village I live in in Madeira, they make a living out of being honest and charging every customer the same price. I always make sure that I leave a very good tip and visit them as often as possible to give them my custom.. One Euro here or there makes no difference to me whatsoever.

  6. Residents prices are frequently lower than visitors, it is a common practice which goes back many years. TAP is one example where residents can claim a
    subsidy of the cost of flights within Portugal, after they have travelled. Many of the dolphin watching companies have a different price for residents, I ask for residents discount on shops and as we are required to carry ID it is easy to prove.
    It is not a rip off

  7. If I invite a Madeiran friend to my home town in UK. We go for coffee, I pay 2.20 for my coffee, my Madeiran friend is charged 6 for their coffee… I don’t think they would be too happy…

    The residents on the Scottish Highlands for example of course get reduced rates to fly back and forward to the mainland for hospital appointments etc, but the Islands don’t charge foreign visitors double to eat and drink. Everyone pays the same. They are very grateful for the income from tourists and it would be frowned upon to behave like this.

    It’s funny that the small establishments in Madeira don’t behave like this. However, put a fancy apron on the waiters where the customers are mostly tourists and it would appear anything goes.

    OK this is just my opinion and I’m done….!!!!

  8. If you cross the gardens and go into Aracadas São Francisco and go through to the far end you will find a coffee shop Madeirinha Cafes and a Chinesa + Pastel de Nata is €1.20


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