Complaints Book to go online.

Livro de reclamações to become electronic

Complaints Book to go online. 1Registration on the platform of the Electronic Complaints Book will be mandatory for all companies as of July 1st of this year. Presumably this will apply to all accommodation rented to tourists under the “AL” Licensing system
In a session held this morning at the Casa da Luz Museum, organised by the Regional Authority for Economic Activities and the Directorate General for Consumer Protection, the authorities revealed the importance they give to this project.
The idea was promoted by the Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, João Torres, and the Vice-President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Pedro Calado, who pointed to this tool as crucial for the best public service to citizens and companies.

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    We live in Block B, apartment AE, Uptown 13. I cannot speak Portuguese and English is my second language.
    I am an architect, and I can read a plan and therefore I would like to mention a few problems and misrepresentation from the developers, “Class Plan”. Things that were shown on the plans and not done and that we as owners must do and pay for by ourselves. These things were done without our knowledge or permission, and we were not asked for these changes:
    1. Behind the front door, it is indicated either a bookcase or cupboard, it was not done. It was without our permission and false info.

    2. In the lobby between living area and bathroom there is a cupboard indicated but it was not installed. It was without our permission. False information.

    3. On the plan it was shown a shower screen, and it was not in stalled. It was without our permission. False information.

    4. There was a bidet shown on the plan, it was not installed. False information.

    5. It shows a table and four chairs on the veranda, I would like you to try it. A small table and two chairs barely fit. False information.

    6. In the scullery it shows a basin to wash clothes in and it was not installed. False information.

    7. It is shown in the kitchen a double sink with a drying area. This was not installed. False information.

    8. There were no light fitting installed and we were never told that we would have to choose it ourselves. False information.

    9. Poor quality kitchen tops marks easily. Bad quality.

    10. Cupboard doors above stove plate not closing properly. Poor workman’s ship.

    11. Cupboard door under oven loose not closing. Poor workman’s ship.

    12. Grit in shower starting to come loose. Poor workman’s ship.

    13. Bathroom door sagging and cannot be locked. Poor workman’s ship.

    14. Leak under wash basin in bathroom. Poor workman’s ship.

    15. Microwave gives problems.

    16. The floor started to make bubbles. Poor workmanship.

    17. Last but not the least, the refuse room. You nearly need a car to get there. What would happen in winter and in the rain. There are some elderly people that will have to walk in the rain. It is a major design fault. We do not have a problem with the situation but at least a covered or shorter route could have been designed. Senhora Elisabeta told me to break up our cardboard box of the TV, before I put it in the recycle bin. The next minute the people cleaning this boardroom just dumbed huge cardboard boxes without breaking it up. What a disaster, you could not reach any of the bins. Is that justified?
    I handed Elisabeta and the gentlemen at the owners meeting in the boardroom a list of the problems and up to today never received any acknowledgement. Therefore I need your “complaints book’s” as soon as possible and if it is not handed too me within seven working days me, I will speak to my lawyer what the next step would be.

    Schalk W Visser
    Cell: 00351 966 350 360
    Address: Est São João, Uptown 13 Block B 5 AE
    Codigo Postal: 9000-123
    Madeira Island


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