Madeira ferry goes missing.

Last summer’s ferry operating elsewhere

Madeira ferry goes missing. 1Within the context all of the political and financial games that play in Madeira, yet more developments have appeared within the last few days.
It … Read more

Continente charitable work.

Donations totalling €227,000 in Madeira in 2018

Continente charitable work. 3The Diario report that in 2018, Continente donated a total of €227,020 in food and non-food surpluses to charities and animal support institutions … Read more

Shark caught off Porto Moniz

Shark caught off Porto Moniz 7Both local newspapers report that a 120 kilo shark was caught off Porto Moniz yesterday.
According to the Journal the shark was caught well offshore, where it would have been … Read more

New YouTube video.

“A Winter Escape”

New YouTube video. 15“Epá, és assim tão boa”? Are you that good? Thus begins the introduction to a new video, together with a few other complimentary expletives regarding the island! … Read more

New hospital progresses. Weather.

First tender stage complete

New hospital progresses. Weather. 17Today’s Journal reports that the initial tender stage for the new hospital has been completed, with eight applications being received online before the deadline yesterday. This … Read more

Waves in Paul do Mar – video

Heavy seas continue to hit south coast

Waves in Paul do Mar - video 19Heavy seas have continued to hit the south coast today, with the photo opposite being taken in Ponto do Sol yesterday.

Despite the … Read more

Azores battered by Kyllian depression

Depression hits central islands

Azores floodsAzores floods: As usual Peter has been keeping the blog in touch with events in the Azores, where heavy rain fell yesterday afternoon, causing floods and … Read more

EHIC card after Brexit?

Big changes ahead for travel insurance in Europe

EHIC cardThe BBC’s Money Box recently featured the future of the European Health Insurance Card after Brexit, and it is clear that changes … Read more

Funchal fire details & video.

Aerial images and video

Funchal fire aeriel viewThe Journal features aerial images captured by Paulo Vasconcelos which illustrate the size of the flames at the critical point of the fire that broke out … Read more

Major fire in the centre of Funchal

19.30: Various media outlets have within the last few minutes started reporting that a major fire has broken out in the centre of Funchal.
Apologies – this website crashed briefly … Read more

Airport problems as predicted.

Wind causes problems again

Flight landing at Madeira airportMadeira Airport has experienced problems yet again this afternoon – problems perfectly predicted by our resident weather Jaime – who still has a 100% record recently!… Read more

Azores expect bad weather.

Kyllian depression approaches

Azores expect bad weather. 27Thanks to Peter, with his usual interest in the Azores, for flagging up that the Kyllian depression is expected to reach the Azores this coming Saturday, with … Read more

Madeira weather in the UK!

Jet stream feeds early UK spring

Madeira weather in the UK! 33Thanks to our resident expert on all matters weather and nautical, Jaime, for pointing out that February’s Madeiran weather is currently being transported towards … Read more

Floods anniversary. App.

350 projects completed

Ribeira de João Gomes, 9 years after the floods of 2010

On the anniversary of the tragic floods of 2010 the local press are full of the usual stories about monies missing from the relief fund, families still Read more

Call for memorial to floods.

Memorial for tenth anniversary?

Call for memorial to floods. 35Thanks for Maurice for alerting me to this story. The Diario reports that the political party NÓS, Cidadãos! (WE, Citizens!) has proposed that a memorial is … Read more

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