Madeira ferry goes missing.

Last summer’s ferry operating elsewhere

Within the context all of the political and financial games that play in Madeira, yet more developments have appeared within the last few days.
It seems that the much heralded, although limited, ferry service between Funchal – Portimão that finally returned ............ more

Continente charitable work.

Donations totalling €227,000 in Madeira in 2018

The Diario report that in 2018, Continente donated a total of €227,020 in food and non-food surpluses to charities and animal support institutions in Madeira.

Of the 52 institutions supported, 37 are social solidarity and 15 are animal support organisations.

“Surpluses ............ more

Shark caught off Porto Moniz

Both local newspapers report that a 120 kilo shark was caught off Porto Moniz yesterday.
According to the Journal the shark was caught well offshore, where it would have been swimming at a depth of 500 metres.
Experts will determine the exact species in due course.

Car falls from cliff.

Woman dies at ​​Ponta das Gaivotas

FN carry the details (and these pictures from the Maritime Authorities) of the car that fell from the cliff at ​​Ponta ............ more

New YouTube video.

“A Winter Escape”

“Epá, és assim tão boa”? Are you that good? Thus begins the introduction to a new video, together with a few other complimentary expletives regarding the island! The Journal reports that this introduces the accompanying review of the three-minute ............ more

New hospital progresses. Weather.

First tender stage complete

Today’s Journal reports that the initial tender stage for the new hospital has been completed, with eight applications being received online before the deadline yesterday. This economic and financial documentation will be examined by a seven-man (sorry – “person”) committee.
 ............ more

Waves in Paul do Mar – video

Heavy seas continue to hit south coast

Heavy seas have continued to hit the south coast today, with the photo opposite being taken in Ponto do Sol yesterday.

Despite the heavy seas, the Journal described the Madeira as facing another day of ‘summer’, with temperatures that could reach 26ºC.

According ............ more

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