Two fatalities in accident on Rapida

Two dead, four injured in “violent” traffic accident

Traffic accident on the RapidaOne man died last night after what is described as a “violent” road traffic accident involving three vehicles on the VR1 Via Rapida in the vicinity of Caniço de Baixo. A woman in her 60’s in the Diario (73 according to FN), who was seriously injured, passed away this morning (Friday). The man was described as in his seventies, died from cardiac arrest upon admission to hospital.
Two more female victims of the accident, a mother and daughter, remain hospitalised, but they are not believed to be in danger of life. Another two are understood to have been discharged. It is reported that three of the victims had been involved in a prior accident when they were hit by another car travelling along the Rapida.
With these two victims, the number of dead rises to four this year on the roads of Madeira.

Later the Journal reported on an interview with one of the emergency services who attended the scene.

Two fatalities in accident on Rapida 1“Taking the February 20, this scenario was the most complicated and horrendous I witnessed,” begins by reporting one of the fire fighters involved in the rescue, who agreed to speak to JM but chose not to identify himself.
“For the impact it created, for the state of the victims and for the clusters of plateau scattered along the road,” he explained, adding that he was even “taken by surprise by the violence of this serious accident.”
To the newspaper, also says that the victims most difficult to rescue were the two women who were under the car. “It was a difficult job but we managed to remove both of them, still alive, and with the help of the EMIR that stabilized the condition of both women who still came alive to the emergency room,” he continued.
Today, seeing the images of the accident, he confesses that it still hurts him to believe how such a tragedy of this magnitude happened in a region like ours.

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