Temperatures drop again across Madeira

North coast temperatures fall

Temperatures drop again across Madeira 1During the warm Sunday yesterday, the Day of the Kings, across the island, air temperatures rose to above 20 degrees in several locations on both south and north coasts (22.1C Lugar de Baixo, 21.4C Porto Moniz, 21.1C Lido, 21.0C Observatório e São Vicente;, 20.1C Caniçal). However today, Monday, has proved to be fresher, with the majority of the maximum temperatures recorded in the 20 meteorological stations around the region monitored by weather institute IPMA  falling below the same value. The only exceptions have been Lugar de Baixo (21,3C), Observatório (20,8C) and Quinta Grande (20,4C), being the only ones that have today managed 20 degrees Celsius.
After setting the pace with the best temperatures on the island last week, São Vicente (photo) returned to normal – last night the minimum temperature dropped back to ten degrees (15.7C in Porto Moniz). It was the fifth consecutive night with extreme values ​​of minimum temperature equal to or less than ten degrees.
During today, the maximum temperatures have reached double digits in all areas, even in those located at the highest points, with Pico do Areeiro, which early in the afternoon reached 10.1C. The overall outlook for the next few days remains cool in Madeira, with maximum temperatures in the order of 20 degrees by the sea, and minimums, which at the top of the island should continue to be around three degrees.The likelihood of some rain coming later this week has also increased, particularly in the mountainous regions and the North Coast of Madeira. Showers may also fall on the South Coast, probably on Saturday.

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