Taxi drivers arrested for over-charging

Taxis impounded for over-charging

Taxi drivers arrested for over-charging 1The Diario reports that two taxi drivers from Funchal were arrested yesterday by the Public Security Police on suspicion of committing the crime of “speculation”, and their vehicles were towed to the park of the Palace of Justice, where they have been wheel-clamped.
In the middle of December another taxi driver was sentenced to a 6-month prison sentence, replaced by a fine of 900 euros, plus another fine of 600 euros, for having charged a couple of tourists an amount above what was due .

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  1. About time too.
    We got ripped off taking a taxi from the end of the toboggan run,some years back.Apparently taxi drivers in Funchal knew it was common practice?
    Needs more policing perhaps???

  2. I have a strange feeling of deja-vu, as reports that are posted here are consistently being quickly copied to another blog – twice today so far – they don’t even bother to do anything other than auto-translate.

  3. Had a look at the other blog(I am guessing we are all referring to the same one) and there are articles on there which aren’t on here and vice versa, items on here that aren’t on there.

    Plagiarism is a hard to prove when a number of blogs are involved in the same general subject matter.

    I think it’s one of those things we have to live with.

  4. From the airport to town and back again we use:-

    Tell: +351 961 409 690

    Fare is €25 each way. English speaking drivers.
    We have not used them for any trips out, but they say Tour Agent on their facebook page and from our experience of using them I would say they are kosher.


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