Nights in Madeira are getting colder

Differences of 10 degrees unusual

Nights in Madeira are getting colder 1Yesterday’s Diario reported that the cold teperature at dawn in Madeira was even more pronounced compared to the previous nights, with minimum temperatures in the order of 4.7°C in Bica da Cana, 6°C in Santo da Serra, 7ºC in Monte, 8ºC in Quinta Grande or 9.1ºC in São Vicente, in addition to other lower values ​​in the highest points of the island.
In line with the chill, the highest night-time minimums did not reach 15 ° C, meaning that the 14.6 ° C at Porto Moniz was the highest low recorded by any of the weather stations.
During the day the temperatures even go up to normal levels for the season, but at night they have dropped quite a lot in several places. There are differences in the order of 10 degrees, which is not very common for the region.

Coldest day of the new year

At 10.00 last night the lowest temperature over a 22-hour period was 3,8ºC, in Bica da Cana, whilst the highest at that point in time was at the Lido (15.2ºC ). The Weather Institute forecast shows that today (Thursday) could be the coldest so far of 2019

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  1. Not surprising as the air reaching Madeira over the last couple of days started its journey in the Arctic.
    Once again, unusually, the High Pressure over the UK has been controlling the weather on both islands, pushing cold dry air down towards Madeira and pulling warmer moist air up towards the western side of the UK.
    At least Madeira has the sunshine to warm things up during the day ! – here we’ve got the aptly named ‘anticyclonic gloom’ – probably centred over 10 Downing Street at the moment I shouldn’t wonder – lol

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