MSC Magnífica on 4-month world cruise

MSC Magnífica in Funchal today

MSC Magnífica in Funchal this morningFN report that MSC Magnífica cruise ship is in Funchal today, just one stop in a cruise lasting 119 days and covering 32,260 nautical miles. The  ship arrived from Málaga at 7.00 am. and is scheduled to leave at 6.00 pm for Philipsburg, on the island of Saint Martin. It passes through 49 destinations, through the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Sea and crosses the Panama Canal, passes in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Persia before returning to Europe.
According to information published by the Presstur publication, the average time the ship will stay in the ports of destination is 13 hours, and in Madeira it will remain for 11 hours.
The MSC Magnífica was built by STX Europe in Saint-Nazaire and launched in 2010. It is the last of MSC’s Musica class. It has 294 meters in length and a maximum capacity for 3,605 passengers.

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