Health Secretary admits flu is increasing in Madeira

“Gripe” peak approaching

Health Secretary admits flu is increasing in Madeira 1Madeira Health Secretary, Pedro Ramos, in the Diario and on RTP, has made a “positive assessment” of the current situation, as the annual ‘flu peak approaches at the end of January. He also praised the behaviour of the population that has “conscientiously used the health facilities of the Region – the vaccination campaign has shown “very positive progress data compared to previous years”, with 40% vaccination among health professionals and more than 53% among the most vulnerable citizens over 65 years old.
So far the day of highest attendance at the emergency department of the main Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital in Funchal was January 14, when 401 patients were treated. On the same day, health centres around the region treated 477 patients.
Based on the epidemiological bulletin, Pedro Ramos said that the peak of influenza has not yet been reached because the indicators point to a “growing trend, i.e. the flu is increasing.” With the flu peak approaching, the government official says health services were ready to respond.


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