Cement production still growing.

Construction continues despite doubts

Cement production still growing. 1The Diario reports that in the year 2018, cement sales in the Madeira Region grew 0.6% to the highest volume of the last four years. This would seem to contradict the recent slowdown in tourism reported here, but I guess some developers just believed that growth would continue growing and carried on building regardless. Certainly a lot of concrete has beenm used for one reason or another over the last few decades.
Data released by the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira show that last year the sale of cement in the Autonomous Region of Madeira surpassed 113.8 thousand metric tons, which translated into the headline increase of 0, 6% over the previous year. It also confirms that in the last three years cement sales have increased steadily, having reached the lowest level since 1979 (107,545 tons) in 2015 (99,043 tons).
The Directorate also says that “in the fourth quarter of 2018, cement sales in the AMR stood at 24.5 thousand tons, reflecting a decrease of 7.1% compared to the same quarter of the previous year (26.4 thousand tons). The comparison with the previous quarter (29.9 thousand tons) shows an equally negative variation of -18.1% “. One of the main reasons for this fall had to do with the low consumption that traditionally occurs in the last month of the year (5,827 tons in December 2018) – or maybe this was the first sign of an economic slow-down.

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