TAP start cancelling quiet flights

TAP cancelling quiet flights

Passengers shifted to other flights

The Journal print edition leads with the story that TAP are increasingly adopting the policy of cancelling flights when there are what they consider to be insufficient passengers, and shifting those passengers on to the next flight.
According to the newspaper ............  ...read more

Pestana recruits 300 new staff

Pestana hotel in Madeira - aerial view

Hotel group seeks 300 new employees

According to a press release, the Pestana Hotel Group will travel the country during the next week, between February 2 and 8, in an attempt to recruit new staff for the various units of the group located in mainland Portugal and islands, including, principally, Madeira. ............  ...read more

Property Tax revenues increase

IMI revenues pass €1,500 million

IMI raises more revenue

The Diario reports online that revenues from the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) amounted to €1,503 million in 2018, reversing the downward trend that had occurred in the previous two years. For only the second time IMI revenue passed the €1,500 million mark, having ............  ...read more

Manchester Airport closed this morning.

Plane at Manchester Airport, closed by snow

Snow closes Manchester Airport

The Manchester Evening News reports that all runways at Manchester Airport were closed this morning, with staff working since the early hours to clear the snow.
More than 25 flights were cancelled and passengers were being advised to check the status of their ............  ...read more

Recycling increases 1.7% in Madeira

Regional Environmental Statistics released

The Diario reports that the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira today published the Regional Statistics of the Environment, which reveal information on water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste, regional administration and regional entities management ............  ...read more

Porto Santo ferry back in action

Porto Santo Ferry back in action

Lobo Marinho resumes connections

Porto Santo Line have resumed connections between Funchal and the island of Porto Santo after the Lobo Marinho returned to action. After over three weeks in dry dock undergoing maintenance, it left the port of Port of Caniçal yesterday morning, arriving in Funchal at around 11.00am.

 ............  ...read more

Region to recognise Guaido as President of Venezuela

Albuquerque: “the only body that has legitimacy is the National Assembly and its President”

In a move that will be popular with the considerable number of Venezuelans living in Madeira, the The President of the Regional Government has spoken out in support of Juan Guaido, leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly.
Speaking yesterday at the celebrations ............  ...read more

Fight against corruption stagnates.

Portugal remains below EU average

The Diario reports that Portugal remains below the Western European and European Union (EU) average in the fight against corruption. This indicated in the 2018 ranking on levels of corruption in the public sector prepared by the non-governmental organisation Transparency International, released ............  ...read more

New variety of sea bass caught

Climate change responsible?

Nicolò Pavesi, an Italian physiotherapist who worked in Madeira a few years ago, told the Journal that he had seen the fish whilst diving previously, but on the last occasion succeeded in catching one. He shared photos of the species on social media with groups of fishermen and biologists where ............  ...read more

Mixed emotions as €500 note phased out.

Photo of €500 note

 The “Bin Laden” to be withdrawn

France 24 reports on the ECB taking the final step in phasing out the 500-euro note: “Few are expected to mourn a bill favoured by criminals but rarely seen in daily life … except perhaps in cash-loving Germany”
From today, ............  ...read more

Funchal hospital partly isolated.

Two floors quarantined after infection by bacteria

Never quoted on this blog before, the Macau Business News reports today that two floors of the Funchal Central Hospital are partially isolated and quarantined due to a bacterium identified in a patient with chronic immunodepressed pathology, according to the Health ............  ...read more

Direct flights to Moscow. App.

Moscow wants direct flights to Madeira

The Diario today reports that Moscow wants direct flights to Madeira. The Russian Ambassador in Lisbon has classified the link as a priority and has already made contact with companies in his country.
At the moment trips to Russia have to connect through Lisbon ............  ...read more

Porto Santo ferry back with higher fares

Porto Santo Ferry, the Lobo Marinh0

Lobo Marinho expected back on Wednesday

The ‘Lobo Marinho’ had fewer passengers last year and this year the trips will become more expensive. The Diario headline this Saturday, January 26, reports that the ferry had 1,352 fewer passengers in 2018 over the previous year, and that the demand ............  ...read more

Cement production still growing.

Construction continues despite doubts

The Diario reports that in the year 2018, cement sales in the Madeira Region grew 0.6% to the highest volume of the last four years. This would seem to contradict the recent slowdown in tourism reported here, but I guess some developers just believed that growth ............  ...read more

Work on Machico quay to start in March

€2 million project lasting 10 months

Both the Journal and The Diario report on Miguel Albuquerque’ visit to Machico yesterday, where he discussed what the new quayside is expected to look like after major works are undertaken. This project is, according to the president of the Regional Government, ............  ...read more

First LGBTI Hotel in Madeira

First LGBTI Hotel in Madeira announced

€8 million investment

The Diario reports that plans for the first LGBTI Hotel in Madeira have been unveiled. According to Pedro Calado, Vice-President of the Regional Government, this is an important investment,to the ............  ...read more

High winds possible next week.

High winds forecast

Thanks to Peter for alerting me to the possibility of strengthening winds next week.
Certainly the outlook on windy.com, below, for the first few days of February doesn’t currently look too pretty.

High winds forecast on wind.com

High winds possible on windy forecast - legend

As soon as I had posted this the forecast improved and the particularly high winds weakened! Best check wind.com online.


Portugal unveils “Green Visa”.

Portugal unveil Green Visa

Ecological investment grants residency

In a similar manner to the controversial “Golden Visa”, Portugal has now unveiled the “Green Visa” method of obtaining residency in the country. Substantial investment in environmentally friendly projects will from now on be another gateway ............  ...read more

Top 5 things to do on Madeira Island.

Another great video promoting the island

The Journal reported yesterday on a video that has just appeared on YouTube: Mark Harrison, a North American photographer and “videographer”, was in Madeira recently for five days. He records a multitude of activities he experienced while “exploring ............  ...read more

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