New Year’s Eve hotels sold out …

… at €160 – €200 per head

RTP Madeira report that some hotels holding special events for New Year’s Eve have been sold out at €160 – 200 per head for tonight’s celebrations.

The TV station is covering the firework display in Funchal live here for those who cannot attend in person.

The show assembled ............ more

26,000 passengers in Funchal tonight

Records broken for cruise ship visitors

The Diario reports that for the first time on a New Year’s Eve, the Port of Funchal will receive 13 cruise ships that bring a total of almost 26,000 people, including passengers and crew.

Until 4:00 pm, there was movement of passengers and crew from the four moored ships, “AIDAstella”, ............ more

Ronaldo arrives in Madeira for New Year

Ronaldo arriving at Madeira Airport

CR7 lands on a private flight in time for celebrations

Ronaldo arrives for the New Year: The Diario reports that the Madeiran footballing star has just landed at the airport named after him on a private flight from Italy.

CR7 will see in the New Year in Madeira and also participate in his mother’s birthday, who turns 65 today as previously reported ............ more

Nine cruise ships already in Funchal

Passengers enjoy perfect weather

The Diario reports that 9 out of the 13 cruise ships expected today in Funchal for New Year’s Eve are already in Funchal bay – a city full of tourists enjoying magnificent weather. They have published the video below.

Thanks again to Jaime for the photo below of the Queen Vic arriving this ............ more

Armada approaches!

Armada of cruise ships approac Funchal

Thirteen cruise ships jockey for position

Thanks to Jaime for sending in the attached graphic from earlier this morning, with a headline “the Armada approaches”: He still makes it 13 in total, all coming up from Canaries ( the one going the other way is AIDAnova which departed at 23:00 last night ).

The Port Authority has ............ more

Ronaldo arrives this afternoon …

Ronaldo with his mother Delores Aveiro

… on his mother’s birthday

The Diario notes that Dolores Aveiro, the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrates today 65 years of life. The matriarch of “Clan” Aveiro marks another anniversary and, unlike at Christmas, will today have the presence of Ronaldo who arrives in Madeira this afternoon to mark his mother’s ............ more

Minor injuries in basket sledge crash

Descent from Monte in a toboggan ends in an accident

Various sources report that four people (five on FN’s website) have suffered minor injuries today following the crash this afternoon of one of the traditional wicker basket sledges on the descent from Monte.

One refused to be transported to the hospital. The toboggan ride accident also caused ............ more

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