UK holidaymakers warned not to book after March

Number 10 spokesperson rejected the claim as “categorically untrue”

Brits advised to not book holidaysThanks again to Peter for a link to a report in “The Week” that Downing Street has dismissed claims families will be advised not to book holidays after 29 March 2019, as part of contingency plans being drawn up to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.
It comes after The Sunday Times reported “senior officials have explored the idea of recommending that Brits do not book holidays with at least one cabinet minister and discussed the impact that the advice could have on specific tour operators amid fears it might bankrupt them”.
A Number 10 spokesperson rejected the claim as “categorically untrue”, although the newspaper also reported a leak inquiry was under way in Downing Street to establish how the proposal became public.

As both the government and EU ramp up no-deal preparations, uncertainty about what will happen after the UK formally leaves the bloc at the end of March 2019 has proved deeply unsettling for holidaymakers and travel firms. The European Regions Airline Association, which represents 50 airlines, wrote to the European Commission this month warning that it must act urgently to prevent the grounding of flights.

7 thoughts on “UK holidaymakers warned not to book after March”

  1. Don’t take a holiday after March !?#*?

    I wouldn’t dream of booking a holiday with a cabinet minister either as a tour operator or as a travel companion!!
    Seriously though, this kind of thing is very worrying for the travel industry and those whose livelihood depends on it.

  2. The present official EU standpoint in this case is that air connections stay open unchanged until at least the end of 2019. Even at a no deal Brexit. The only condition is that the UK also keeps giving EU planes normal access during that same period. No need to panic. Only be aware that it probably will take a bit longer to cross borders because of extra passport checks.

  3. Investigating a leak? The source of Parliamentary leaks will be one of two sources – MPs themselves,or civil servants. While the civil service has gone right downhill over the years, my money is on MPs, who are like leaky drains.

  4. I have an App called ‘Plane Finder’. It is very revealing as well over 75% of the planes flying east/west over southern England are transiting UK airspace en route from US or Canada to European destinations and beyond. Imagine the chaos if they all had to fly around us. That’s why EU wants a deal.


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