TAP believes Madeira service “good”

Criticism is “fake news”

TAP believes Madeira service "good" 1The Diario’s front page today reports that the Chief Executive of TAP believes that its clients rank positively the company’s service to Madeira. He also considers the continuing controversy over high fares charged from the mainland for the ninety-minute flight to the island to be “fake news”. Antonoaldo Neves, who has been involved in controversy regarding wind limits the TAP service to Madeira previously, was speaking to journalists in Lisbon.

Brexit ‘not so shocking’ for TAP

Reported in JN, he was asked about fears regarding international political and economic instability, he said that TAP is “attentive”, since “79% of the tickets sold are outside Portugal”. A quarter of TAP’s revenues “come from Brazil, elections have passed and this has eliminated uncertainty”, so there is a “positive outlook for Brazil for next year,” he said.

“Our second largest market is Portugal, approximately 20% and we continue with a positive perspective”, considering that the country is a tourist destination and “does not disappear from day to night,” Antonoaldo Neves continued. “Our big bet is the United States, regardless of global challenges, demand for the United States will continue”. That is, the objective “is to increase in a huge market, the United States, to counterbalance any cold in other markets.”

Another issue is the price of oil, which accounts for about 27% of TAP’s costs.”It is not under our control and the price has changed a lot in the last two months,” he said. Asked about ‘Brexit’, he considered that in the case of TAP it was ‘not so shocking’, as the UK represents about 5% and TAP can “absorb any kind of impact”, he concluded.

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