Sterling falls to 18-month low after vote cancelled

Sterling falls to new lows as vote cancelled

Sterling fallsThe Independent reports that Sterling has tumbled against the dollar and the euro this morning after Theresa May delayed a parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal which was previously scheduled for Tuesday evening.
Sterling fell 0.91 per cent against the euro (opposite), to the “official” exchange rate of €1.1083 (€1.1063 later), and dropped 0.51 per cent against the greenback to hit $1.2661, an 18-month low.
A lot more depressing statistics on the UK economy in The Guardian’s live coverage here.

19.00: Various news sources report that the pound is in free fall…..dropping to a new 20-month low of $1.2555 against the US dollar. That’s a loss of 1.4%, down 1.8 cents today.

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