Fireworks launch points – map.

Map of launch points for fireworks display

Map of fireworks display launch pointsThe Diario yesterday published a map showing the various launch points for the fireworks this New Year’s Eve. A higher resolution image can be found by following the link in the comment recently posted by Maurice, and also below.
As usual most of the launch points around the city are positioned along and slightly above the Rapida, with additional points between the motorway and the seafront, plus the usual launch points out at sea from boats/pontoons.
The map opposite doesn’t quite emphasise enough the position of the main display on the seafront – represented by the concentration of seven green dots.

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  1. As Pete mentioned in an earlier post the weather looks like it isn’t in party mood for the big night. At present the forecasts suggest a Southerly wind of 10 to 15 knots blowing into the bay which could make things uncomfortable for the flotilla of small spectator boats and the potential for some heavy rain.

    Let’s hope things change in the run up, but even so I can’t imagine it dampening the spirits on what, i.m.o. is still the best New Year’s Eve fireworks display and party in the world.

    “wish you were here?” – definitely !!!


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