Fee for travelling to the EU after Brexit revealed

Brits travelling to the EU will have to pay €7 from 2021

Fee for travelling to the EU after Brexit revealed 1Sky News reports that Brussels has started to implement the system that preauthorises entry of citizens from certain countries without a visa. The news channel has learned that millions of Britons travelling to the EU will have to pay €7 (£6.29) for visa-free travel from 2021.
The post-Brexit move was confirmed by the European Commission in response to a question to its President Jean Claude-Juncker. Alongside the fee, UK citizens will need to pre-register for the three-year electronic visa waiver.
The small print of the detailed draft regulation covering visa exemptions for UK citizens travelling to the bloc says that “the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) will apply to United Kingdom nationals once union law on free movement of union citizens ceases to apply to them, as to other visa-free third country nationals”.
The Mirror also has the story here

6 thoughts on “Fee for travelling to the EU after Brexit revealed”

  1. I think the key thing here is that this – as far as I can remember – is not a per visit charge but once paid it is valid for three years. So as a charge it should put nobody off visiting the mainland. (By comparison if I felt like taking the train to St. Petersburg I’d need for a single trip a visa for around 75 Euros)

    However it is extra bureaucracy and as far as I can remember that far back, it is something that wasn’t necessary for holiday visits to mainland Europe before the UK joined the EU.

  2. What a load of non-sensible bureaucracy. It will almost certainly cost more to collect than run the scheme and is bound to lead to a ‘tit for tat’ situation with the UK running a similar requirement for EU citizens wanting visit the UK. Why can’t common sense prevail and a mutual arrangement be put in place. Reminds me that ‘common sense’ is not that common!!


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