easyJet offices in Lisbon overwhelmed

Ten flights cancelled yesterday

airport closureTen flights (in and out) of Madeira were lost yesterday due to the bad weather causing closure of the airport. The Diario reports on long queues “clogging” easyJet offices in Lisbon as endless queues of passengers looking for information on the cancelled flights to Madeira due to poor visibility caused by the fog.
A 737 plane belonging to Transavia landed in Porto Santo after 4 pm, diverted from Madeira and more than a hundred passengers have left the aircraft and completed their journey on the Porto Santo ferry in a move that has long been recommended here as “Plan B” in the event on the airport having to close.

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  1. Head lines from BBC news. Gatwick Airport: Drone sightings cause delays. Best to go to BBC news for more information. Not sure how it effected fights to Portugal and their islands

  2. Thanks Peter. Five years, which I understand is the maximum, is not enough to deter people following this example. The latest news is that the chaos could last all day, so the two flights due to leave for Madeira will almost certainly be affected.

  3. What I read it may take days sorting itself out. Blog readers best to read BBC NEWS for update information. Something has to be done cost involved and people delayed is high, also animals involved as well in transport.

  4. The Diario confirms that both incoming flights from Gatwick are now cancelled. The next flights coming from Gatwick are scheduled to arrive tomorrow in Funchal. easyJet is scheduled to arrive at 11.00am and BA at 11.15.

  5. Gatwick have called the army in to help In a bid to shoot the drone down..Maybe they should shoot the operator of the drone! All those poor people with holidays in tatters…. Have Christmas from the drone flyer!

  6. I find it slightly fishy that 2000 people would be put on road transport and transferred from the UK’s most southerly airport to an airport all the way up north in Scotland. From a logical standpoint it most complete nonsense and these people would have been shuttled to either Heathrow or stansted.

    There is something fishy going on and I would not trust the BBC to report a pothole after all the lying it has been caught perpetrating

    Remember building seven? Remember Dr David Kelly?
    Blair has not yet paid for his crimes and instead earned title of middle east peace envoy. Who better to bring peace to the middle east?

    ‘In England such concepts as justice, liberty and objective truth are still believed in.
    They may be illusions, but they are very powerful illusions.’

    George Orwell

  7. I should really be kicked out back to Portugal in March….
    Especially seeing as my Geography GCSE result was quite decent…. I have slapped myself about the head appropriately

    Still, Cardiff is quite a ways west and the profusion of sheep have to be dodged which begs the question, why not another London airport?

  8. Gatwick update Friday 21st:
    Although the Gatwick airport announced this morning the reopening of a “limited number” of flights, Easyjet’s flight U2 8135 to Madeira has been cancelled. This means that flight U2 8136 that was to leave Santa Cruz at 11:40 am back to Gatwick is also cancelled


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