Cais da Ribeira open again after heavy seas

Pontoon kiosks reopen after Christmas closure

Cais da Ribeira kiosk on pontoons on Funchal seafrontThe “Cais da Ribeira” kiosks, located on the two pontoons which form the mouth of the João Gomes and Santa Luzia streams, reopened yesterday, after having had to close due to the heavy seas that occurred on the night of December 23 – Market Night in Funchal. They can be found on the Avenida do Mar, in front of the Madeira Electricity Company.
According to the owner of Cais da Ribeira, Márcio Nóbrega, both spaces returned yesterday to their normal activity and the waves had not caused any damage. The kiosks were closed simply as a precaution, and are removable by crane when there is a Red Warning – the forecast was that between 23 and 25 December there would be waves between two and three metres. Lets hope they catch up on some lost Christmas business over the New Year.


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  1. I guess the local anglers that used to be able to fish there would have been laughing !! – but needs must and they do create employment and revenue for the Island.

    Haven’t visited them, but they seemed quite busy when I last passed – anyone done a Bica, Chinesa ,Fino price check yet?


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