Cafe Concerto reopens as Esplanada Jardim

Cafe in Municipal Gardens again

Cafe Concerto reopens as Esplanada JardimThere is a cafe again in the Municipal Gardens in the centre of Funchal, for the first time since the closure of Cafe Concerto earlier this year. Formerly known as Jardim Dona Amelia the 8300 square metre gardens host some of the most diverse plants and trees from around the world.
It is good that you can sit back and admire them with a cold beer at that is now Esplanada Jardim. What is not so good that the same beer reportedly costs twice as much as before! Not sure that the bow ties worn by the waiters justify such a price hike!
Photo left, taken this week, courtesy of David. Cafe Concerto suddenly closed in dubious circumstances  as reported here.

Cafe Concerto reopens as Esplanada Jardim 1

4 thoughts on “Cafe Concerto reopens as Esplanada Jardim”

  1. Dropped by to check it out a couple of nights ago – not the same “oasis” on the edge of the tourist jungle as it used to be !.
    1.70€ for a Coral 20cl fino – and served in a straight water glass to add insult to injury !
    I appreciate the increased cost of refurbishment and possibly a hike in rent for the pitch by the Câmara?
    and it’s good that these ventures create employment for the young people of Madeira and no doubt additional tax revenue for the government but it’s yet another ‘local’ café bar lost.
    I never suffered ‘constriction of the wallet’ when drinking there before !! so I guess a fino would have been around the 1€ mark as Admin says.

  2. I visited the cafe today and as expected was ripped off.. 2 coffees cost 5.50 euros. I challenged them and asked what the locals pay. They looked a bit flustered and eventually admitted that the locals pay 1.30 for a coffee, but of course they are standing at the counter to drink it. This was absolute rubbish… Not one single local was standing at the counter. They have two settings on their cash register one for tourists and one for locals.. To keep it legal they pretend that the locals are standing up at the counter drinking their coffee, etc. I should have written about this experience in the complaints book.. we really need to stand up to these corrupt establishments.


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