Atmospheric curiosities.

Unusually high minimum temperatures

Ponta do Pargo lighthouseThe Diario reports that on Market Night, the minimum temperature recorded at 2.50 in Funchal was 18.5 ºC. Even more remarkable was the temperature at dawn in São Vicente, where the minimum temperature was an impressive 19.2 ºC – in the middle of winter on the north coast! The lowest temperature was recorded at Pico do Areeiro station, just 2.0 ºC overnight.
The potential problems at the airport failed to materialise here – as Maurice pointed out in “Comments” the wind was in a favourable direction instead of gusting down from the mountains. The strongest gusts were recorded in the west of island with 122 km/h in Lombo da Terça (Achadas da Cruz – photo below) at 7:20 p.m., and 120 km/h in Ponta do Pargo (photo opposite) at 7:00 p.m. At Madeira Airport, the strongest gust recorded yesterday was 58 km/h at 8.00 a.m.

For those concerned about global warming the BBC Weather World Review of the Year, recounting all of the extreme weather events of 2018, makes alarming viewing! – on iPlayer here

Achadas da Cruz


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  1. I have a journal kept by my great grandfather James Dukelow who was a Kansas (USA) farmer. In 1902 he visited Madeira on the ship, S.S. Celtic. He wrote about Madeira,

    “On the north side of the island there are large pieces of forest and pasture where cattle of a peculiar breed are raised they are of a dark cream color not a jersey but some like that breed. but having fine rounded horns. Prettiest looking cattle I ever saw but small in size – about 800 lbs” (360 kg).

    Can you tell me the name of the cattle breed so I can find more information on the internet?

  2. Hi Jayne, it is a possibility that Longhorns and the small cattle noted by James Dukelow are related. Longhorns are descended from a combination of several other breeds including cattle brought over by Columbus. Columbus stopped at Madeira on most of his trips. I am looking for someone who knows the answer.


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