360º hike video illustrates dangers

Drama in Paul de Serra captured

The Diario reports that on December 26, a couple of Canadian tourists decided to share their experience of an “intense hike” in Paul da Serra on YouTube. What could be just another video of two tourists dazzled by the island’s landscapes has instead served to draw attention t0 the poor signage found on the paths in the area as concern sets in as darkness approaches.
In the description of the video the couple explain that they wanted to “do some walks in the wood above the clouds”, having found a trail that ended up being subdivided into “several alternative routes without any signage”.
“We walked lost for a few hours and panic began to set in”, the description emphasises. After the experience, the couple adds that “if you ever decide to come to Madeira to hike (excellent but challenging) this video gives you a little idea of ​​what you will find”.
It is a 45-minute video but well worth skipping through.


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  1. Shocking to see how unprepared these people are towards what they experience. At least they should have used GPS to mark their start point and downloaded the ProCiv Madeira app on their phone in case they were getting in serious trouble.


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