Another new hotel planned at Praia Formosa.

New hotel planned above Praia Formosa

Google satellite view of Praia FormosaThe Diario reports that Madeiran businessman António Nóbrega has been authorised to build a hotel above Praia Formosa on the site of the old ILMA (Dairy Industry of Madeira) facilities. This will be named the”Four Views Formosa”, a four star unit with 256 beds. According to a resolution published today in the Official Gazette of the Region, the executive have authorised an increase in the number of beds, although the official Plano de Ordenamento Turístico allowed for only only 160, claiming that there are rules that allow the increase. Now there’s a surprise!
The site is just beyond the “Fallen Angel” roundabout, below the Escola Profissional de Hotelaria e Turismo da Madeira and the excellent in-house restaurant and small hotel attached to the training college.
ILMA (Dairy Industry of Madeira) facilitiesAccording to the permission granted, the new hotel will be classified “as a four star hotel with a planned capacity of 128 accommodation units (82 double rooms and 46 suites) / 256 beds”. Bit of a risky area for hotels – it is just across the road from the failed Madeira Regency Palace (now the Pestana Royal) and also-failed rebuilding of the Madeira Palacio (now just an eyesore – which is has been for a long time). The latter is planned to become an Enotel.

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  1. The planning permission has only just been passed David, so guess we are talking a couple of years before we see anything concrete – forgive the pun – if it is typical of other developments.

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