New Year’s fireworks to cost €1 million.

€1 million spend on firework display

€1 million fireworksThe Diario reports that just over one million euros is how much Macedos Pirotecnica will be paid to perform this year’s fireworks show to celebrate the transition from 2018 to 2019. To this value is added the VAT at the prevailing rate. The contract was awarded by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture and is worth a hundred thousand euros more than the last year (900 thousand euros plus VAT at the legal rate in force).

The Macedos Pirotecnia business group has won all the firework display contracts in recent years. Last year’s award was contested in an action before the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Funchal, which, in a decision last August (according to the Lusa press agency), decided that the procedure should be annulled for “having a violation of law “. The consortium of companies that moved the action considered that, from the analysis of Macedos Pirotecnia’s proposal, “it is not possible to gauge how many pyrotechnic articles/fireworks [will be released] and should therefore have been excluded” from the tender. This threat, the Diario has learned, apparently this did not materialise.

The photo comes from the blog on the eve of 2014/15


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  1. I do hope this year’s show will be better than last year’s show. Last year the firework seemed to be much the same type all the way through and predominantly green in colour if I remember correctly.


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