Most Brits now against Brexit.

Most Brits now back a second referendum – Sky

Most Brits now against Brexit. 1Just one in seven Britons think the draft Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May is better than either a “no-deal” Brexit or remaining in the EU, a Sky Data poll reveals. The prime minister warned that these were the only three options available to Britain after concluding negotiations with the trading bloc.

Her cabinet appeared to have backed the draft deal, but several ministers including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab have since resigned to oppose the proposed deal. According to  the news this morning Michael Gove is also considering his position.

According to the same poll, over half – 54% – would prefer to remain in the EU, while 32% would prefer to leave the EU without a deal – just 14% would choose Brexit on the terms negotiated by the government.

Brits would back ‘remain’ in new Brexit vote – Channel 4

The Sky poll concurs with a survey for Channel 4 published last week, This showed that Brits would vote to stay in the European Union if there were another ballot, as those in the biggest “leave”- voting areas change their minds.
Britain would back “remain” by 54 percent to 46 percent, the study by Survation for the broadcaster showed. It estimated that more than a hundred local authorities would now vote to stay. “Leave” won the June 2016 vote by 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent. Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly ruled out another referendum on the issue.

Brexiteers argue May’s predecessor David Cameron said during the campaign that the decision would be final and there would be no re-runs. They say May should get on with delivering Brexit. But those who back a “People’s Vote” on any final deal say May’s vision for Brexit was not on the ballot paper in 2016, so the public should be allowed another say when the terms of Brexit are known.

Survation interviewed 20,000 people online between Oct. 20 and Nov. 2. Up to now polls have shown no major change in public opinion. Most polls predicted “Remain” would win before the 2016 referendum. Even if May overcomes infighting in her own Conservative Party to finalise an agreement, the Survation poll found that 33 percent of people would reject the deal compared to just 26 percent who would accept it.

Should May be unable to agree a deal by March 29, 36 percent said Britain should leave without a deal, 35 percent said it should stay in the EU and 19 percent said departure should be delayed until an agreement is reached.However, if May did agree a deal, 43 percent would support a referendum to choose between accepting the deal or remaining in the EU, compared to 37 percent who would oppose the choice, the survey found.

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  1. I think most of us are so sick of the utter shambles that yes we would be better off abandoning the whole thing rather than paying out £39 billion to be ruled indefinitely by the EU. Which seems to be the most likely scenario.
    I voted with the majority to Leave, I didn’t vote for this mess !

    Looking forward to Madeira in two weeks and some sanity !

  2. The main point that has been missed is that if there were to be another referendum (unlikely) there would be a long period leading up to it to allow ‘debate’ and I am sure that this would be very acrimonious and divisive. Currently people are focusing on the economics of brexit, but most voted to leave over the sovereignty issue. What is happening in Italy highlights this and the recent utterances from Macron about a United Stares of Europe with current members becoming ‘states’ losing their sovereignty and becoming no more than a ‘local’ authority. In fact this not far from the current position for the some of the poorer Southern Europeans countries. The European army being proposed would follow with all armed forces (Navy, Air Force) coming under the control of the new European Republic. It is all too easy to fall in to the trap being laid by Macron and Merkel and that is why I believe that another referendum would have the same outcome.

  3. Any country in EU and its people take a tip. Get other counties supporting you and do the changes from with in. UK well fed up in the election and now Mays answers to leaving again and go and and on like a Saga. No tax payer like waste no matter country you from, go from there and do yourself a favor. Learn from the UK. Its murder watching the news

  4. This looks lika “lose-lose” situation as far as the UK is concerned. What a monumental cock-up by politicians ever since Cameron had to promise the referendum to get re-elected.

  5. The world oldest alliance the Portuguese with Britain….. Portuguese 2nd language is english then french at schools. The Portuguese helped us lot in history and we both proud allies. It all in the history books

  6. First of all, when have the data polls been right in predicting?
    Second, Parliament gave the people a referendum on leaving or staying. This was the largest voting process in the history of the UK. If the result is not followed up, there will be problems. This is co-incidental to the 200th aniversary of “Peterloo” next year, a significant step in the progress of democracy in the UK.


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