Madeiran restaurants keep Michelin stars

“Il Gallo d’Oro” and “William” keep stars

Michelin Guide awards stars to Madeiran restaurantsBoth the Il Gallo d’Oro (at the Cliffe Bay) and the William (Belmond Reid’s Palace) restaurants have maintained their Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide for 2019. The news was announced at Michelin Gala Iberia, which took place in Portugal for the first time.
The Madeiran  restaurants are led by chef Benoît Sinthon (‘Il Gallo d’Oro’) which retains its two Michelin stars, while the restaurant run by chef Luís Pestana (‘William’) continues to sport a single star.
In all, 26 Portuguese restaurants were distinguished, with the ‘Il Gallo d’Oro’ appearing in a short list  of only 6 with two Michelin stars.

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