“Airport winds have never caused accidents”

Experienced pilot claims winds never caused accidents at Madeira airport.

Experienced pilot objects to airport wind limitsThe Diario headline today refers to the correlation between winds and accidents at Madeira International Airport. The winds never caused accidents in this airport, and the majority of the accidents that have occurred in more than half a century of civil aviation operations in the Region originated in human error.
Timóteo Costa, one of the most critical voices on the subject of wind limits at Madeira airport, says that not all accidents are investigated and exemplifies a bird strike on a TAP plane of which there are no records.
The opinions of Timóteo Costa were featured in depth in an earlier post. As a pilot with 26,000 flight hours and 9,000 landings in Madeira, he believes that the airport should not have “wind limits” and considers that the region is being “punished” for bureaucratic reasons.

5 thoughts on ““Airport winds have never caused accidents””

  1. I am confused – surely the fact that there have been no accidents due to wind justifies the imposition of limits. If they are relaxed, it would take just one accident to destroy tourism to Madeira.

  2. The crew in the cockpit follow rules are there for a reason, also it puts pressure on the crew, by not followering the rules If all go wrong the pilot carry the can. The flight company big cheeses makes the rules with others. Safety is the number 1 issue landing and taking off safe. People moan they moan more if they crash. Madeira will lose even more money and tourists can you remember and it in the media as well, BAD NEWS

  3. I’m with John and Pete on this one. There have been no wind related accidents BECAUSE of wind limits not IN SPITE of wind limits.
    Despite thorough FNC training not all pilots will be as experienced as Snr. Costa yet if the limits are removed, then if he lands his TAP A320, the next maybe less experienced pilot of a similar aircraft is going to feel “under pressure” to land.
    If it goes wrong then I would imagine it would be judged to be ‘human error’ in part, because the pilot failed to abort the landing in unfavourable conditions.
    By all means do a comprehensive review of these limits taking into consideration the views of ALL Pilots of companies flying into FNC, but safety must not be compromised.

    Just as an afterthought doesn’t Snr. Costa’s opinion conflict with the stated views of his boss , the CEO of TAP ? !!!

  4. Well thats fine for the pilot who knows what he is doing, but we as passengers, hate those landings where we are moved from side to side up and down and appear to be coming in sideways to one of the 10 most difficult airports in the world. I love Madeira and have flown in 30 or so times but would prefer a wait at Porto Santo if it appears dangerous to land


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