Madeira airport returns to normal

Flights begin to land normally

Madeira airportMadeira airport returned to normal last night, with nine flights  managing to land – the first being a Finnair from Helsinki at 16.25, as correctly pointed out by Mike on the previous post. Seven flights departed later, and flights appear to be leaving on schedule this morning (Tuesday). Later (9.00am): 8 flights have landed, 5 departed.
The Journal actually featured the Finnair plane landing at a time when others were diverting to Porto Santo and the Canary Islands due to weather conditions from late morning yesterday. The newspaper reports that flight from Helsinki “made several laps waiting for an improvement before being able to make a perfect landing. Almost at the same time, a Transavia flight from Oporto, ‘gave up’ and headed towards the Continent”. They even have a video of it landing perfectly…


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  1. It appears that Volotea, who fly from Italy, are dropping Madeira as a destination. It also seems that two other, as yet unnamed, airlines are also considering dropping Madeira due to the increase in lost flying days.


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